HALO newsletters are released approximately twice per year. Please find all the documents to date below.

 HALO_newsletter6_button HALO newsletter 6

This final project newsletter contains a summary of the progress in the last year:

First isolators supporting LG modes and capillary fibres
Jun-2016 AO modulators and segmented waveplates
Polymer processing using hybrid 2 µm laser
Glass cutting using ps-lasers with higher speed & quality
Stainless steel cutting using tailored polarisation beams
High quality sapphire cutting
The HALO IT-tool for optimisation of laser cutting
Summary of advances in metal cutting through HALO

Newsletter_5_button HALO newsletter 5
including adaptable beams for cutting brittle materials, meta-modelling of metal cutting and observations on steel cutting with CO2 and fibre lasers
HALO-newsletter 4 button HALO newsletter 4
including liquid jet cutting of sapphire, waveplates manufactured using nano-grating technology and high speed imaging of steel cutting
HALO newsletter 3 button  HALO newsletter 3 
including information on sheet metal cutting with adapted polarisation, components for doughnut modes and high speed videography
HALO Newsletter 2 button HALO newsletter 2
providing an update on brittle material cutting results, definition of state-of-the-art and HALO at the NOLAMP conference
 HALO newsletter 1 HALO newsletter 1
including more information on metamodelling, novel laser designs and liquid jet cutting.



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