The HALO project is being delivered by the following group of collaborating consortium partners: Gooch and Housego (Torquay): (Coordinator) will develop active and passive components for adjustable beam lasers, such as fused fibre combiners and acousto-optic modulators. ORC Southampton: will work on a novel design of fibre laser pumped two micron solid state laser with a directly adaptable output beam profile. Trumpf Werkzeugmaschinen: will improve the sheet steel cutting process using extra-cavity beam convertors. Trumpf Laser: will explore the use of spatial and temporal beam shaping to process brittle materials such as glass and ceramics. Synova: will develop the use of adaptable beams in its proprietary water jet-guided laser cutting technology. Fraunhofer ILT: will advance theoretical and practical optimisation of adaptable laser beams for improved cutting of a range of materials. Laser Expertise: will benchmark existing cutting technology and quantitatively assess the advances made in the HALO project. Lulea University: will model laser cutting with adaptable beams and validate the model predictions against experiment.
Vivid Components Vivid Components: will provide administrative support and coordinate dissemination activity in the project.

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