The following files contain further public domain information on HALO technology and the activities of the partners.

LTU_video_thumbA short video description of the HALO laser cutting simulation tool which optimises real parameters by exploring a metamodel
Jan Frostevarg (LTU)
JLPS_thumbVirtual laser cutting simulation for real parameter optimisation
A presentation by Dirk Petring (ILT) to the Japan Laser Processing Society
Jetro_thesis_thmbnlExperimental and Theoretical Investigation of the Laser Cutting Process
Jetro Pocorni Licentiate Thesis (LTU)
Der perfekte Laserstrahl
Article on HALO in BLECH (in German)
 Jethro tmbnailMeasuring the melt flow on the laser cut front
Presentation at NOLAMP 2015 by Jetro Pocorni (LTU)
Wolfgang_Munich_buttonBeam propagation and cutting processes
Presentation at Laser World of Photonics by Wolfgang Schulz (ILT)
LSE LogoHALO project to offer higher quality laser cutting
Article in Laser Systems Europe on the project
Dirk_pres_buttonExamination of laser cutting phenomena by comprehensive steady-state simulations
An invited presentation at LAMP 2015 by Dirk Petring (ILT)
Synova sapphire cutSynova sapphire cutting
Synopsis of the capabilities of Synova in processes developed in HALO
ILT_cutting_thumbnailFraunhofer ILT laser cutting
A review of the capabilities of the ILT facility in Aachen 
Welding_ILT_buttonFraunhofer ILT laser welding
A review of the capabilities of the ILT facility in Aachen







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